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"Getting my regular adjustments from my one and only Chiropractor Dr. Seow @macquariechiropractic has been the best ever seriously.

I have previously suffered from low back pain 2 years ago; just by sitting down and praying gave me sharp pain on my lower back and tingling sensations down both legs. I had to lie down just to put on a pair of pants. The pain doesn’t seemed to go away, and to make it worse, even just leaning and bending forward sent a sharp pain to my lower back and affected my training, daily life significantly. I went to the hospital and was recommended to go for surgery ! That was the lowest point of my life, in fact, I believe for anybody that hear this suggestions will have the fear that what if the surgery doesn’t works out well ...

I have my skepticism about chiropractic at first but my mom has recommended me to give Dr. Seow treatment a try. Since then, I have never looked back. .

First session with @kimsengseow , I can almost feel the instant relieve of the muscle tension and sharp pain. Couple of sessions down the track, my lower back flexibility improved, no longer having that sharp sensation and praying and riding on my bike seemed to be less of a worry for me as I’m able to enjoy my riding and gym training pain free ! .

Right now, I’m looking for more better movement, more energy, and continuous improvements in my training just so that I don’t have to go through that darkest period of life I have had 2 years ago.

Thanks bro @kimsengseow for your hard work and effort !! I would highly recommend anybody to give Dr. Seow’s treatment a try if you are already having neck pain or low back pain, and nothing seemed to helps! 👍🏼 do dm me for any enquires about chiropractic."


What To Expect On Your First Visit

1. History taking

When you arrive, you will be given a new patient form to fill out. This information provides the chiropractor with background about your health, such as any past surgeries, accidents, the history of your symptoms and other details about your current state of health.

2. Examination

After reviewing your history and discussing any specific problems, the chiropractor will perform numerous orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic assessments. These examinations help identify areas of spinal and nervous system dysfunction.

3. Investigation

After which, the chiropractor will conduct further investigation, any imaging (X-Rays, MRI, CT scans, etc.) whichever that may deem necessary to uncover structural and functional problems. It would be ideal to bring along previous documentation and imaging documents that you have had previously to assist the diagnosis of your conditions further.

4. Treatment Plan

Finally, The findings of these examinations are explained, and the chiropractor will recommend a plan of chiropractic adjustments.

* The chiropractor may administer some treatment on the first visit, but this is subject to the examination mentioned above, findings, and the need for further investigations.
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