Corporate Health talks and Health Screenings

We provide health talks, accompanied by health screenings for corporates. Giving employees good spinal care is beneficial for corporates because it can increase productivity, reduce sick days and boost employee morale. The health talks will also improve staff awareness for maintaining good health. This helps them to stay healthy and motivated to achieve more in their careers.

A typical health talk and screening will begin with an interactive and informative presentation conducted by our doctor, which is then followed by a complimentary health screening for attendees.

Our Corporate Clients

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Health Talks

We share a wide range of topics. Here are some of the most popular topics we offer:

We would also love to share any other topics your staff may be interested in. Please contact us at for further inquiries.

Health Screenings

During the health screening, we perform a partial spinal scanning on the neck, that reads the temperature of the neck muscles. This shows us any inflammation and imbalances in the spine. We will explain the readings to participants, which also gives them the opportunity to consult with the doctor for any personal discomfort they may be experiencing.

Complimentary Health Talks and Health Screenings for Your Company.

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