Chiropractic for Pregnancy

Chiropractic care can be beneficial during all stages: Before, During, and After Pregnancy.
Before pregnancy:
A baby cannot thrive in a hostile environment. Chiropractic is an easy and safe way to ensure your body is a happy host for your new baby.

Gentle chiropractic adjustments to the spine and pelvis

During Pregnancy:
During pregnancy, the baby gets nutrition and hormones from the mother’s body. Much of this comes from what mom eats and drinks, but a portion comes from how mom feels including stress and pain. Mothers are stressed for many reasons such as work, finances, and aches and pains (including morning sickness), lack of sleep, and discomfort from their changing body. Keeping the mother’s body happy and healthy is the key factor in keeping the baby happy and healthy.

After Delivery:
New stresses to mom occur during and after delivery which chiropractic has shown to have positive benefits. Whether labor was difficult or uncomplicated, the mother’s body has gone through an amazing amount of work and stress. The mother’s ligaments continue to be lax due to hormones, she begins to lose her “baby weight” and regain her previous posture and center of gravity. These are all major adjustments to the mother’s body and now she is responsible for taking care of her infant. This often means providing him/her with nutrition through breastfeeding, getting a reduced amount of sleep, altered quality of sleep, and increased overall stress.

Continuing or beginning chiropractic care at this stage is very beneficial. It is just as important to maintain the health of mom and baby and ensure proper growth and nutrition at this stage as it is in the developing stages

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