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The Water Bucket: An Analogy

We can picture our body system with a Water Bucket Analogy. Stress is like water going into the bucket. Without proper bio-mechanic release of the stress, we will experience severe aches, pains and soreness.

We can liken the various different sources of stress in life, such as from work or family or other areas, to pouring water into a water bucket.

If we had these stresses day in, day out, the water bucket is bound to overflow. This is when we feel achiness, tensions, soreness, headaches, etc.

If the solutions we deploy are short-term fixes such as medication or painkillers, it is as if our water bucket is releasing the water, by fixing a tap at the top of the bucket, instead of the bottom. It temporarily relieves some of the symptoms, enough to get through the day, or to get some relief for a better night’s sleep. However, this is not a long-term solution.

This is merely a temporary solution, for an ever-flowing stressful lifestyle.

So when we talk about a sustainable solution, we have to look at the bio-mechanical sense. Just like it doesn’t make sense to have a water dispenser with a tap at the top of the container, we should find a way to release the stress efficiently and effectively, in the bio mechanical sense. We need to find a solution that is like water bucket, with its tap at the bottom of the bucket.

Bodily aches, soreness and tensions are bio-mechanical problems. If it’s a bio-mechanical problem, we have to address it bio-mechanically.

Chiropractic adjustments do exactly that.

Chiropractic adjustments move the joints that are not moving properly and taking care of the body’s system organically.

Bio-mechanical issues, should be treated Bio-mechanically.

So for long-term health, we need to think of organic solutions.

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