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Sexual Organs And Our Spinal Health

“I have not been having menses for 3months, and I am having this nagging, constant dull achy pain around my lower back for the longest time..”

CJ, one of our staff at Macquarie Chiropractic, has not been having her normal period for couple of months prior to her application to work at our clinic. CJ is suffering from a condition called amenorrhea, the absent of menstruation, and without her knowing it, these are some of the concerns that has been voiced out commonly by patients who walk into the clinic and have this problem resolved.

Intrigued yet not convinced, she had herself adjusted by Dr. Seow and at the very same night, she had her normal menses back.

Disbelieved and puzzled, little does she realized, how her spine plays a major roles in normalizing her bodily hormonal changes and the spine being the root cause of her low back pain and amenorrhea.

You may be wondering, what is the connection between our low back pain, and our dysmenorrhea, which refers to painful menstruation, and amenorrhea, the absent of period?

Essentially, the L3 of our lower back spine impacts the sex organs, uterus, bladder and the knees in significant ways. Subluxation, the medical term for misalignment, at this point in the spine may result in bladder issues, menstrual issues and an irregular period, miscarriages, bedwetting, impotency, and issues with the knees.

If the misalignment of L3 lumbar spine can have such a major impact on woman, what about the impact on man?

Certainly, the impact is the same. Hamdan, inconvenient to testify, came in for a treatment for his low back pain and his impotency. While going through the treatment program at Macquarie Chiropractic, his low back pain decrease not immediately, but gradually, because he has had a stage 3 degenerations according to S.A.D.D. A normal meal of nasi lemak usually left him with bloatiness and slight discomfort around his stomach, but as his chiropractic treatment progresses for weeks, he realized that those symptoms subsides significantly, and he is also able to maintain a better erection and a pain-free lower back during intercourse.

While chiropractic research on the correlations between our spinal alignment and sexual organs has yet to consolidate a substantial and solid evidence, these patient’s testimonial around chiropractic clinics around the globe has become a paramount for all of us to realize, our human body is build to function ORGANICALLY, and chiropractic is the TOOLS to allow our human body to perform and function at its peak state.

Looking at the spinal arthritis and disc disease (S.A.D.D.) chart above, you would realized, our spine is just another organ in our human body, very much like our heart, our kidney, our liver etc.When do we know that somebody will have a heart attack? (only when it happens right at that moment) Similarly, when do we know, our spine is actually degenerating and DEHYDRATING, at a rapid pace, instead of aging gracefully? This question is followed by, WHEN is the last time, you have a proper spinal examination done?

It couldn’t be more accurate for us to say that “motion is lotion”; as we can see from the above slides, our spinal disc begin to lose blood supply at the age of 20, it requires our constant movement to keep it lubricated. Our spine has 25 movable synovial joints, very much like our knee joint, it is an encapsulated joint, and movement allows the release of synovial fluid that “lubricate” our joints. We may have heard of people who go for a yoga session and it hurt their back so bad that they either curse the yoga trainer or curse yoga being a bad exercise? We are also talking about most of us who sit for more than 8 hours a day, and expect our spine to perform like a ballet dancer or a yoga teacher! It doesn’t happen overnight!

“sitting is the new smoking, it kills more people than HIV and it’s more treacherous than parachuting, we are essentially sitting ourselves to death.”

-Dr. James A Levine, MD.

Dr James, who have also made his appearance on the Bloomberg television broadcast, has further substantiate that excessive sitting is the leading cause of diabetes and heart disease. He hated exercising and working out in the gym so much that he basically set up a treadmill to walk on, while he works on his laptop during daytime.

You might think this sounds a bit too extreme and you couldn’t possibly be able to concentrate with your work, but you get the idea, sitting is the new smoking! Why is that? This is because our blood flows more sluggishly and our muscles burn less fat during a long sit. Prolonged sitting has been linked to high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. If we sit for more than 6 hours a day we are 40% more likely to die than those who sit for more than 3 hours a day, even if we exercise.

And why is that we have an inflexible spine when we sit for a long period of time?

The answer is simple; when we move around, the discs in between our spinal joint expand and contract like a sponge by soaking up fresh blood and nutrients.Conversely, when we sit for a long time, we tend to slough and sit at a way too relaxed posture, which causes our spine to load unevenly; we can picture how an oreo cookie is squashed unevenly, and that is one of the faster way for us to have disc buldge, or most commonly known as slipped disc. Ever heard of people who sneeze and suddenly they experience a sharp pain around their lower back?Perhaps you’re next!

In conclusion, while a general bodycheck-up is a no brainer for most of us, few of us may not have a proper spinal check up/ examination with a qualified chiropractor, and not all chiropractic clinics are equipped the same. Being the first and only chiropractic clinic inSingapore to be equipped with Hill Decompression Table, Leander Flexion Distraction Table, and BTL Shockwave Therapy, the testimonials from our patients at Macquarie Chiropractic may potentially be yours! For those of you who are currently experiencing period pain, low back pain, impotency or any spinal related discomfort (remember, it does not have to be painful), why not have yourself a proper spinal examination and treatment to find out the root cause of the problem?

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